The Book Whisperers

--- Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor ---

We all have a book inside of us (a lot of us have more than one) but sometimes those stories can be buried deep. Three authors - Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor - created The Book Whisperers to entice those trapped stories into the world. By recognising potential authors motives, needs and desires, The Book Whisperers aim to provide writers with confidence, knowledge, contacts and support to start and keep writing as well as to publish and market their books. And if we can have fun along the way all the better! All three presenters are successful authors and publishers with a wealth of experience within the book industry - from traditional publishing to self-publishing.

Brought to you by Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor of The Book Whisperers

Latest Episodes…

  1. Inspiration and Reconnecting

    With the first podcast of 2021 - Susan, Mary and Lea got together with Tom Rannachan - life coach, personal trainer and all around good egg - talking about how to change our lives and get more of what we want in life, We all need to make the ...


  2. Writing as Therapy

    # Writing as Therapy Reading and writing have been proven to have immense therapeutic properties. Until we started talking about it we didn't realise how much this had come into our lives. Each of us have used writing as a therapy without our own lives as well as running courses ...


  3. Gifting Books

    What makes a good gift book and how can you make a book more giftable? With Christmas coming around the corner The Book Whisperers discuss giving and receiving books, as well as creating products in the gift book market. Lots of hints and tips with regards to adding value ...


  4. Making Time to Write

    Being writers we are very creative people - which can be a challenge when it comes to the more practical side of our work - and specifically time management. How easy is it to stop multi-tasking and focus on what is important, to prioritise and schedule in work when ...


  5. Writing Tips - Show don't Tell

    **Showing and not Telling - a golden rule of writing. ** This week the Whisperers are talking about writing tips using body language to show your reader how the characters are developing throughout the story. It allows the reader to judge for themselves what is going on and allows them to ...