Writing for an Audience

Episode 8 October 18, 2020 00:41:17
Writing for an Audience
The Book Whisperers
Writing for an Audience

Show Notes

This week's podcast is our first done remotely after hours (several) of set up with Hamish, our sound expert, who has the patience of a saint! Our topic today is writing for an audience - both what we see our existing audience as at the moment, and knowing who they are, to writing for different audiences and whether you should change your writing to be commercially successful. We have produced pieces of work for audiences that we don't usually write for (with hysterical consequences). We are also talking about doing our shopping as fairies! If you ever need help with your audio book, or recording sound for anything, Hamish Campbell from Sound Sound is thoroughly recommended by all three of us. www.https://www.soundsound.co.uk/

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