The Book Whisperers

--- Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor ---

We all have a book inside of us (a lot of us have more than one) but sometimes those stories can be buried deep. Three authors - Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor - created The Book Whisperers to entice those trapped stories into the world. By recognising potential authors motives, needs and desires, The Book Whisperers aim to provide writers with confidence, knowledge, contacts and support to start and keep writing as well as to publish and market their books. And if we can have fun along the way all the better! All three presenters are successful authors and publishers with a wealth of experience within the book industry - from traditional publishing to self-publishing.

Brought to you by Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor of The Book Whisperers

Latest Episodes…

  1. Writing Tips - Show don't Tell

    *Showing and not Telling - a golden rule of writing. * This week the Whisperers are talking about writing tips using body language to show your reader how the characters are developing throughout the story. It allows the reader to judge for themselves what is going on and allows them ...


  2. Writing Horror

    This week being around Halloween, we are talking about horror writing and frightening stories. Joining us is Mary's daughter, Robyn, who has an extensive knowledge of horror books, art and films, as well as customising dolls as horror victims. We hope you enjoy listening to our bookish antics ...


  3. Writing across Genre

    # Refresh your writing through crossing genres This episode is NOT FOR KIDS! This week we are talking about mixing it up to refresh your writing and switching genres to try something new. Each of us given the task to write something in two completely new genres. Comic erotica ...


  4. Writing for an Audience

    This week's podcast is our first done remotely after hours (several) of set up with Hamish, our sound expert, who has the patience of a saint! Our topic today is writing for an audience - both what we see our existing audience as at the moment, and knowing who ...


  5. Performance Tips for Writers

    # PERFORMANCE TIPS Sue, Mary and Lea having a chat about all things books - this weeks theme is performance. As authors we are all asked to read out our work, to speak in public, or to perform in interviews and podcasts. Knowing how to perform is important. Mary ...